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We are temporarily closed. Stay tuned for re-opening dates

COVID-19 Updates

At Smart Eats, we're committed to delivering delicious prepared meals with your health as our top priority. Currently, we are following the guidance and recommendations from Public Health Ontario, while continuing to evaluate our standard procedures.


Food Safety

  • All employees are required to wear gloves and facemasks throughout the entire production process.  
  • Our employees have doubled the length of time and frequency for handwashing.
  • All employees have been advised not to report to work if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms or have come into contact with affected individuals.


  • Our delivery team will be wearing face masks and gloves when delivering your prepared meals.
  • We offer contactless delivery and will notify you once the prepared meals have been delivered.
  • The cooler packets and containers can be kept or left outside your door during your next order.
  • We will sanitize containers until they are deemed acceptable, before reusing them.


We hope to bring healthy and tasty meals to your busy week. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any additional questions about what we are doing to make your safety our top priority. 


Paola & Adriana




2020 has been quite the year! Like most small businesses, we were greatly affected by COVID-19 as our sister businesses Santo Pecado and Resposado Tequila Bar were closed overnight. The city shut down because it was important to prioritize the health and safety of everyone.

Without social events and weddings, our catering business was put to a halt and the foot traffic at our bar was stopped. As the days stretched into weeks, which stretched into months, our businesses grew less busy while others started to find their days even busier with added tasks and responsibilities.

Parents working at home were also asked with providing 24/7 care and entertainment to their children. Essential workers were coming home exhausted from new protocols and long shifts. We began to think about what we could do to help bring ease to their day. Takeout is an option, but it is definitely not a sustainable one.  

We decided to begin Smart Eats to help people simplify their hectic lives. By providing ready-to-heat, hearty prepared meals, we hope to give people back some of their time. We want to offer those difficult-to-make vintage comfort food that they crave, with healthier modifications. All they need to do is pick what they want online and leave the rest to us.  

Social gatherings became social distancing. Our restless passion for cooking and bringing people together through meals was challenged. However, nothing will stop us from bringing smiles to faces and healthy and delicious food to bellies! We are so excited about the opportunity to continue to bring people together through meals, just in a different way.

As we enter this next phase of new normal, remember to continue being patient with the ongoing change in life and remember to treasure your loved ones around you.  

We look forward to cooking for you again!  


With love,  

Paola & Adriana