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With the holiday season gone, we are hitting the realities of lockdown life again, where nothing seems to be back to any resemblance of "normal".
Realizing how all of us are craving meaningful connections, we decided we want to make this blog a little more personal, and connect with you by sharing our stories,  recipes,  and the things that make us laugh,  and be grateful for what we have. 
There's no denying that 2020 was exceptionally hard for us, and for everyone in the hospitality industry, but there's a silver lining to all these madness: we have been able to slow down and reevaluate how crazy our previous "normal" really was. 
We are grateful for the opportunity to reinvent our business and ourselves during this crisis,  and for the opportunity to build healthier eating habits by practicing mindful eating.
This year's challenge is to keep it up!  Stay tuned, we will be back with smart recipes and smart ways to eat better and practice mindful eating. Welcome to our blog, we will see you soon!
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